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We all have our favorite TV shows. The kind of TV shows we can watch over and over without ever getting tired of them. However, even our most favorite of shows have that one episode that you skip every time it comes up. The reason being is you cringed so hard during the episode that you swore that you’d skip the episode during every replay.

5. Gin It Up – Parks and Recreation

Tom Haverford was always an awkward character on Parks and Recreation, but one episode with him was especially cringy. A doctor by the name of Nadia walks into the Parks and Recreation office one day to seek reservation for a park to set up a mobile hospital. Tom, who of course immediately falls for her, not only introduces himself as the one in charge but does so in the fakest English accent you’ve ever heard. We honestly think he was bordering on a mix of an Irish and Portuguese accent more than English, and that’s not even possible, that’s how bad it was. This was mostly a secondary story to the main cringy plot of the character, Donna, accidentally tweeting awkward stuff from the Parks and Recreation Twitter account, so this episode was just a huge ball of cringe.

4. The Brain Bowl Incubation – The Big Bang Theory

Love it or hate it, but it’s no doubt The Big Bang Theory will go down as one of the more successful sitcoms of the 21st century. Raj, one of the main characters on the show who has a hard time finding love, was desperate enough to make a move on his work’s cleaning lady. The awkward part of the show isn’t that he was making a move for her because cleaning ladies deserve love too, but it’s the fact that he was so ashamed of it that he lied to his friends saying she was a fellow Astrophysicist. The awkward part of the whole story comes when she does eventually give in and has dinner with him, he’s busted by his friends and the truth comes out that he lied about their relationship. While it’s worth watching just to see the accomplished actress, Maria Canals-Barrera, who plays Paulina in Danny Phantom in action, it’s too cringy to not to skip if marathoning the show.

3. The One With All The Resolutions – Friends

Everyone celebrates Ross and Rachel as if it’s the best love story to ever exist, when in fact, it’s actually a very toxic relationship, but that’s a topic for another day. Ross has a lot of Friend’s cringy moments, but none as cringy as an episode where he tries wearing leather pants on a date. Ross excuses himself to the bathroom in this episode because he’s burning up in the pants. He takes them off for relief only to find out that the heat must have shrunk the pants because he can no longer put it back on, and he’s trapped in the bathroom while his date gets worried that he’s some kind of creep. One unfortunate event after another and Ross walks out of the bathroom with no pants and sticky baby powder.  This is definitely a hard one to watch.

2. The Puerto Rican Day – Seinfeld

Seinfeld was a series where every episode bordered on cringe. Almost everything one of the characters, George Costanza, did was especially cringy, but the humor was just level enough to where it was enough to warrant skipping an episode. The only cringy episode of Seinfeld is one titled, “The Puerto Rican Day.” The episode starts off with a road rage incident between Seinfeld and another driver that devolves into some sweet payback, of course, not for Seinfeld himself. There was also a flag-burning scene where let’s be honest, would not work in the 21st century, as the internet would absolutely condemn it. The episode was so cringy that it prompted an apology not just for the flag-burning scene, but for its overall depiction of Puerto Ricans.

1. Scott’s Tots – The Office

If you know anybody who watches The Office on Netflix on repeat, then chances are there’s only one episode they will skip 100% of the time, “Scott’s Tots.” The main character, Michael Scott, finds out that it’s been 10 years since he promised a group of kids college tuition if they ended up graduating high school. He thought he would have enough salary through those 10 years to be able to afford that. After putting off visiting them, he finally appeared at the high school where they put on a presentation for him about how hard they worked and how much they appreciate him. All these kids had dreams, which were shattered when all Michael could offer them were some batteries. This episode is a 100% skip, as there are only so many times you can watch the fire die inside a group of kids.

Do you have a favorite show with a cringy episode?

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  1. imo Scott’s tots was actually a good episode, beware that this is coming from someone who is Obsessed with The Office, so I might be a bit biased xD

  2. The Brain Bowl Incubation from The Big Bang Theory is my favorite in this list, It was fun watching Raj get busted after lying about the cleaning lady being an astrophysicist

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