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Mining corporation owners are all salivating over the potential of space as a new landscape ripe to be tilled. One of the biggest asteroids in the solar system, 16 Psyche, is thought to be composed of so much gold, iron, and nickel that every person living on planet earth could become a billionaire. 

The world’s commodity prices would be destroyed immediately and the economy would collapse, which probably means that it’s fortunate that NASA – which will get a chance to learn more about the asteroid when it comes near Earth in 2022 – has no intention of extracting any minerals from it. 

Instead, NASA wants to use it to learn more about how the core of the Earth is formed. It is possible that Psyche 16 is actually the core of a former planet that has had its outermost layers removed. This chance to look at a planet’s core would be revolutionary in terms of learning more about where we live and how planets are created.