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Ah, video games. We’ve all heard tales of people who are able to play them in moderation. Don’t get your hopes up, though – those people were likely just playing the wrong games.

When your game of choice is not that interesting, you’re safe from addiction. But what about those games that suck you in and hold you hostage for months, or even years?

If, for whatever reason, you feel like your life is going too well, take a look at our list of games that will inevitably destroy it – by making you drop everything else to play them.

World of Warcraft

The gang's all here to ruin your relationship and make you addicted to energy drinks.
The gang’s all here to ruin your relationship and make you addicted to energy drinks.

To be fair, this might be a game that already has ruined your life, and you are in the process of recovering from the side-effects. World of Warcraft, while still relevant, is definitely drifting past its prime. Does that make you think you’re safe? Not a chance.

While a lot of us have already been there and done that, for a new player WoW is just as addictive as ever. The journey is different from the one veteran players already know, but it’s still an adventure in the vast and open world of Azeroth.

The charm of WoW lies in how versatile the gameplay is. Want to level up, do quests and explore the world? Enjoy doing that for hundreds of hours if you’re a completionist. Want to get to max level, get some good equipment and start raiding with other players? Say goodbye to your sanity and have fun raiding for days on end. Want to make other people scream out of frustration? Pick an overpowered class and decimate them in some good ol’ PvP. 

While a lot of players don’t care or don’t notice, WoW also has a rather interesting storyline. Most raiders tell bosses apart by the equipment they can drop, but each of the bad guys in the game has a pretty fun story behind them.

I want to hear the story of why Ragnaros has legs.

In the end, the thing that gets most people addicted to WoW is the ability to play with others. Joining guilds, making friends, and playing with them for years is enough to make you believe it’s okay to blow off your actual, real-life friends for the tenth time in a row.

There’s a remedy to this problem, though. Just get your real-life friends to play WoW too. After all, who needs to meet up when you can just chat on Discord?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

You’ve never known true frustration before playing CS:GO.

Who hasn’t heard of CS:GO? This is exactly the type of game you were warned about when you were a kid. While it’s been a few years since the release, CS:GO is still one of the most streamed games on Twitch, and one of the most popular first-person shooters.

As far as game addiction goes, Counter-Strike has always been the “just one more match” type of game. You know, the same kind of thing as when you’ve got work in the morning, but you’re still binging that show on Netflix. Depending on the mode you’re playing, your match in CS:GO can last for up to an hour, which cranks up that life-ruining factor by a whole lot.

You while playing CS:GO“, oil on canvas, 1491.

The premise of the game is simple. You and your friends (or random people you’ll probably hate by the end of the game) are thrown into a deathmatch against the opposing team. You have objectives to fulfill based on which side you’re on, but the hardest and most exciting part of the game is just staying alive while defeating your opponents.

This game is highly competitive and will likely have you pulling your hair out at times, but you won’t be able to stop. 

Stardew Valley

You don’t need real sunlight when you can have Stardew Valley.

If you have to ruin your life, why not do it in the most serene way possible?

When you first take a look at Stardew Valley, you won’t anticipate how addictive it can be. With its graphics that resemble something you may have seen in RPG Maker in the early 00s, Stardew Valley is deceptively unassuming… but once you start it, you won’t know how to stop.

Stardew is, at its core, a farming game. You inherit your grandfather’s farm, abandon your job at a soul-sucking corporation, and move to the quaint little town where the story takes place. The music is tranquil, the sights are pretty (even if pixelated), and you have a whole lot of things to do.

Stardew Valley lures you in with its simple look and then traps you with the amount of stuff you can do. You can farm, make money, expand your home, make friends, and complete quests. You can fight green slimes in the mines if that’s your thing, or you can yell at your game while you fail at fishing. Oh, and you can also date up to 12 people at once, and they won’t even notice. 

Hey, wedding guests, I’ve dated most of you at some point.

Enjoy being stuck in a loop of “one more day”. Stardew Valley, clearly on a mission to make us all sleep-deprived, only allows you to save at the end of each day. And once a new day begins, you might as well check on your crops, give out presents to townspeople, do some mining, and suddenly it’s 4 am and you’ve got work in 4 hours.

This is a game that may not take years out of your life, but it has the potential to steal hundreds of hours in a short period of time until you escape its clutch… for a while.


You know you want to quit your job to play Fortnite.

If you want to convince your family that games are a good replacement for a full-time job, Fortnite is one of your best bets.

Do we even need to introduce Fortnite? You love it, you hate it, you don’t care for it, but you most likely know about it. It’s in the top three most streamed games on Twitch, and some streamers have quite literally made a fortune playing it. As an example, Ninja, a famous Fortnite player, made close to $10 million in 2018 thanks to his Twitch and YouTube channels.

Fortnite is a battle royale type of game that throws you into a surprisingly pretty map and has you battle it out with many other players. What makes it stand out, among other things, is that it’s quite resource and building focused. You don’t just shoot or fight, you also chop wood and collect other resources which you can then use for building all sorts of structures.

Fortnite also has two other game modes: Save The World and Creative.

Who needs to eat when you can buy Fortnite skins?

The game itself is free to play, but if you were twelve, you’d be begging your parents to buy you some V-bucks so that you can get yourself some fancy skins. If you’re not twelve, all you can do is beg your credit card not to cry when you perform yet another microtransaction.

The hype around this game is very much real, and we don’t see it dying out soon.

Don’t like video games?

Sometimes we forget that there are people out there that don’t even like to play games. If you made it to the end of this article not tempted to start up your favorite game, we salute you. 

Enjoy your sanity – the rest of us are probably still going to be here, sleep-deprived and mildly frustrated, when you finally change your mind.

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