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The 90’s and 2000’s were a rich breeding ground for some of the best science-fiction to ever grace television screens. Firefly was one of the most groundbreaking shows of the era and fans are still hurting as to how short lived its run was.

Some of you are probably hurting just after reading the headline, in which case, we apologize. (We’re lying, we don’t.)

Never forget

Arguably, Firefly is more of a space western than a full-blown sci-fi, but it fits well with the genre, and it is definitely something you want to watch again – or at all if for some reason you haven’t yet. Just prepare for the feeling of crushing sadness when you realize that there’s a single season and a feature film… and then, nothing.

Joss Whedon’s (yes, that guy that did the Avengers) Firefly – or rather its cancellation –  is the source of emotional trauma for many long-term fans. Despite only raking up 14 episodes and a subsequent film, the show has somewhat of a cult following of dedicated fans. The fans of Firefly deserve a round of applause – they somehow managed to keep the fandom alive to this day, and occasionally, you will still run into a petition that calls for the show’s return.

Firefly takes place in the year 2517, after the arrival of humans in a new star system, and tells the story of the crew of spaceship Serenity. Captain Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillon), a former galactic war veteran, and his renegade crew try to navigate and survive in unknown parts of the galaxy. They pick up odd jobs, legal or not, and attempt to evade conflict with warring factions and the authorities.

Those guns combined with a distracted expression make us look cool.

The show had a compelling storyline, a cast of fleshed-out characters, and surprisingly decent ratings – and yet, it was cancelled, citing those very same ratings as a reason. The decision was made after just eleven out of the fourteen produced episodes aired. The show suffered from a variety of other issues, such as the episodes being aired out of order, which probably contributed to the supposedly bad ratings.

The only good thing that came of Firefly being cancelled.

You can only imagine (or maybe you were there yourself) the shock the fans went through when the original run ended after 11 of 14 episodes. Despite many protests, the episodes never aired in the United States until a few years later. So basically – the fans were left with an unfinished show that they loved, and next to no hope.

Fortunately, the DVD sales were high enough to produce the full-length film Serenity that follows the story of the “real” last fourteenth episode… but that is all the fans were given. There hasn’t been any serious indication of Firefly ever making a comeback. 

It seems that there is no hope for a continuation of Firefly, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go rewatch it right now. And consider yourself lucky – you will watch the full season as opposed to the scraps the fans were fed back in the day.

Monica White