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Pedro is an adult male box turtle that escaped from his outdoor enclosure at his home in Louisiana and was attacked by what his owners believe to be a raccoon or a snake. Pedro was already missing one leg, which didn’t seem to hinder his mobility, but the attack severed his remaining back leg. 

Pedro’s owners were unsure as to what could be done for him, but Dr. Kelly Rockwell, zoological medicine intern at the Louisiana State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, says that their team came up with the concept of a Lego car through collective effort. 

After Pedro’s wound healed, they used animal-safe epoxy to attach the axles and wheels from a Lego car set to Pedro’s shell. The toy prosthetic was a hit once they solved the issue of how to size it to the specifications that Pedro needed. Because it is so lightweight, the learning curve was short and now Pedro has no issue zipping around on his new wheels!

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