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ASK VIMES is a new column where our writers will create content based on your comments. Have a question you want answered in article format? leave it here.

VIMES is trying to make content on the internet better, but we need your help to keep it fresh.

Remember, we love science, technology and culture, so pretty much no questions are off limits. Response articles will be informative, comedic and written by attractive people only so you know your questions are in good hands.

Example questions for the uncreative:

  • How safe are self driving cars?
  • Why might Mars not be the first planet we colonize?
  • Why do I always deny myself success (scientifically speaking)?
  • Why was Meat Spin the pinnacle of internet culture?
  • Why do two people who are friends typically have more DNA in common than two strangers from the same location?
  • How can I fix my busted Microsoft Exchange environment?
  • Why do I always have to restart my wireless router?
  • Why does an onion have more chromosomes than a human?
  • Why should I swap to Linux?
  • What are the best sitcoms ever?
  • Why does Harry Potter negate the existence of free will?
  • Why you never had net neutrality anyway.
  • Why wont Jessica love me?

We also accept pitches for articles from freelance writers and pay handsomely for fresh, original, well written content.

Can’t wait to hear from you, leave your questions here.

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  1. ha ha “Why do I always deny myself success (scientifically speaking)?”
    may as well me a self help site if you go down that path,

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