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Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series spans 41 novels, five short stories, four science themed companion books and numerous other publications. Mixing fantasy with plenty of humor and satire, Discworld is refreshing, clever and best of all, plentyfull.

We here at Vimes highly recommend you read the entire series (there are several jumping in points but we recommend starting with Guards Guards!). Here are the 10 best Discworld novels to make sure you read…

10. Moving Pictures

Terry Pratchett was at his best when he embraced satire, and the 10th Discworld novel hugs, cuddles and squeezes satire for every satirical drop.
Lampooning the rise of cinema, the founding of Hollywood and the very concept of fame; Moving Pictures follows the sudden explosion of the “clicks” industry, and the siren call of movie magic drawing hopefuls of every industry to the “Holy Wood”.
It wouldn’t be a Discworld novel without a healthy supporting cast of trolls, dwarves, alchemists, drop-out wizards and of course a sentient talking dog.
Moving Pictures is one of Discworld’s standalone novels, and is a great place for new readers to start the series. The novel still features plenty of cameos from Discworld regulars, but it is such a fun ride that backstory is not needed.

Watch for:

  • “Blown Away” – one of the big hit “clicks” and a parody of Gone With The Wind.
  • Trying to use parrots as a way to add sound to clicks but failing miserably when they instead learn obscenities from their handlers.
  • The Invention of “Banged Grains” (Pop Corn) A tasteless snack which, if buttered and salted, tasted of salt and butter.

9. Men at Arms

The City Watch subseries is arguably some of the best of Discworld and benefits from being read in order, so start with Guards Guards! Men at Arms, the second book in the City Watch series gets a special mention here, edging out its predecessor ever so slightly thanks to the heightened humor and surprising emotional impact of the story.
Men at Arms picks up not too long after Guards Guards! with Sam Vimes, Captain of the Night Watch, recovering alcoholic and possibly the best character ever written, enlisting new recruits into the Watch under instruction from the patrician.
Joining Corporal Carrot, Seargent Colon and Corporal Nobby Nobbs are new recruits Lance-Constable Detritus, a troll (don’t salute!), Lance-Constable Cuddy, a dwarf and Lance-Constable Angua the woman… (most of the time).
Pratchet isn’t afraid to comment on real-world issues such as sexism and racism through plot points involving interspecies-tensions between trolls and dwarfs, and some good old-fashioned sexism directed at an otherwise competent Angua.

Watch for:

  • Trolls having silicon brains which run better when cold.
  • Leonard of Quirm, a naive but dangerously brilliant inventor and parody of Leonardo Da Vinci.

8. Soul Music

7. The Last Continent

6. The Last Hero

5. Going Postal

4. Unseen Academicals

3. The Truth

2. Night Watch

1. Monstrous Regiment

Honorable Mention – The Shepherds Crown

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