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The beauty of villains in video games, is sometimes the villain doesn’t necessarily know what he is doing is wrong. He believes what he is doing is actually good. Sometimes, you actually are the villain and don’t even realize it. Whether you are the villain, or, you’re just rooting for someone with bad intentions, here are the games where we were secretly rooting for the villains.

4. Tim (Braid)

Tim, or, most of you guys might not even know his name, from the video game Braid. You play as Tim, helping him search for his princess. Thanks to the time reversal mechanics, the game plays out as a love story. It’s not until the end of the game, do you realize he’s actually a peeping tom and the princess is running from him.

3. Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)

Kefka, Final Fantasy VI. How could you not root for this guy? I understand, he wanted to destroy all the things, but he had no other intention. Normally villains want to destroy the world to recreate it in their image, but not Kefka, he just wanted everything gone. His primary goal and the only thing he wanted was destruction. Why? Maybe he was a nihilist or maybe he had a broken heart. Regardless of the why, he just wanted everything gone. Possibly one of the reasons he’s probably one of the best villains of all time, and absolutely memorable. Maybe one day Kefka, maybe.

2. King Dedede (Kirby’s Dreamland)

Try putting yourself in King Dedede’s shoes for a day. Have a nice kingdom in dreamland, until a fat pinky balloon with an eating disorder decides to eat all your citizens. Kirby waltzes through dreamland, EATING WADDLE DEES and not giving a flying fudge. What are you facing King Dedede? “Oh, just a cannibalistic pink guy, that decided to eat my entire army and food”. Sure, Dedede may have stolen the Star Rod, but instead of asking Dedede like a civilized pink man, Kirby decides to go all Rambo on him and his kingdom. Kirby, shame on you.

1. Bowser (Super Mario Bros)

Bowser, the King of Koopas or a serial kidnapper, whichever you prefer. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy. He’s not trying to seduce Princess Peach or hurt her. He’s just trying to get married. Unfortunately, he does not seem to understand marriage is a mutual partnership and does not include kidnapping like a weirdo. Maybe it’s time for a turtle dating app. Fortunately for him, there was the introduction of a new fan-made meme called Bowsette later last year that is a gender-bent version of Bowser that made the internet fall for the character even more, if not just for obvious reasons.

We all don’t always see the world through the eyes of a game’s protagonist. As we get older and more cynical we start to understand the villains a little more and why they do the things they do. What are some of your more relatable video game villains?

B Michael Logan

B Michael Logan is a certified healthcare professional secretly moonlighting as a comedy writer. He can be found around the web at @bmichaellogan
B Michael Logan

3 thoughts on “4 Video Game Villains That We Were Secretly Rooting For”

  1. Bowser always has been my spirit animal 🙂
    I don’t agree with Kefka tho, he always had a a*holish Gene inside him.

  2. I can relate with N (Pokemon Black & White). He was fighting for something that really wasn’t villainous. He can even be considered as a protagonist, if you really pay attention to the story.

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