The Top 10 Subreddits For Computer Lovers And Tech Heads

Reading Time: 8 minutes

If you love computers like we do, then you’ve probably ended up on Reddit a time or two yourself. Scratch the surface of Reddit and you will soon discover it is so much more than the breeding ground of dickbutt memes, Reddit has a “sub” for every topic and is an awesome resource for IT industry news and learning… and dickbutt memes.

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The Worst Holiday Destinations in Space

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Imagine that you stumble upon this website a thousand years from now. Assuming humanity hasn’t blown the Earth to smithereens by then, you’d likely have very advanced technology at your disposal. Hopefully, you’d even be able to travel through space far and wide. Think Star Wars, but with less angst and more tourism.

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The 10 Best IT Podcasts (That Are Actually Interesting)

Reading Time: 7 minutes

There are a Kardashian buttload of IT podcasts out there. Unfortunately the amount of those podcasts that are actually worth listening to are more in the quantity of a Caitlyn then a Kim. And so in light of this fact dear reader, we have compiled our list of the 10 best IT podcasts that are actually interesting.

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